Lawyers Title Company

In the 1800's, conveyancers were responsible for transferring title to real property. They would research and determine the ownership rights of the seller and any other rights, interests, liens, or encumbrances that might exist in regards to that certain property. Pennsylvania legislature passed an act "to provide for the incorporation and regulation of title insurance companies." This title insurance provides responsibility without proof of negligence, financial protection through a reduction of the risk of insolvency, and the assumption of risks beyond those disclosed in public records.

The purpose of title insurance is to assist all of the parties in real estate transactions by ensuring that the transfer of an interest in real estate can be affected with a maximum degree of efficiency, security, and safety.

Since becoming the first title insurance company operating nationwide, Lawyers Title has withstood industry hardships for over 89 years. The roaring 20's were known as an era of change. From industrial growth, to jazz music and art deco, to women earning the right to vote, to the use of automobiles and motion pictures, this decade was prosperous just as much as it was suffering. In times of war and depression, and in times of celebration and merriment, the community can rely on Lawyers Title to provide the services they need.